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March 21, 2013


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Prayers and best wishes ! I have friends who did this years ago what a terrific undertaking :) You did "good" I would have been a mess Easter Blessings, Elaine

Oh my gosh! I can't believe you didn't cry. I'm crying reading this and I don't even know your son. Maybe because I'm a mom of sons too.

What a wonderful adventure for him, so glad he gets the chance to follow a dream. I will send prayers his way for a safe journey. Hugs, Debi

Oh my gosh, I'm about to cry and I'm not his mama! What an amazing kiddo you have, Suzanne. And what an amazing mom you are. Your posts about your kids always grab me, and this is no exception. Wow. Such a huge HUGE thing to do! The ENTIRE length of the trail!! Doesn't it go through 14 states or something like that?! He will learn things that will benefit him for the rest of his life, I'm sure. Praying for your boy and his friend. And one for you too. xoxo

What an awesome undertaking...I would have bawled! Luck for his journey!

How very exciting! Loved all the photos... and so glad to read that he has a buddy that's with him. Can't wait to hear about the reunion at the end of this incredible journey! If he needs a respite stop in PA, we're pretty close to the trail!

Suzanne! Oh my! I have hiked several portions of the AT, mostly here in Virginia and it is so beautiful! Our neighbor's son is actually through hiking it as I write this. He started in Georgia 2-1/2 weeks ago. Godspeed to your son and his friend!~~~XXOO, Beth

We got almost two feet of snow this week in the northern reaches of the trail! Spring is a mere dream for us. I hope he has a wonderful experience.

So amazing. Praying for your son and his friend. What a dream. God's Blessings.
Karen in Texas

How proud you must be. I'm proud and don't even know him ... how does THAT work? My husband's cousin thru-hiked two or three times - amazing, isn't it? God bless, good luck and stay brave, mom!

what a wonderful adventure. I have always dreamed of doing this but realistically have only done small parts. I am in awe of anyone doing the whole thing!! Best of luck to him. Keep us updated!

this is exciting ---- I'll be looking for the updates along.

This was a dream of mine when i was in High School...You know when all girls plan their dream wedding was to be my had other plans.......Please give us plenty of updates! Hugs! deb

I'm in Awe and for sure I would've cried too. However I'm not sure who is braver - your son or yourself! It's great that you get to meet up along the trail!

All the very best of luck to your son and his friend.

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