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September 20, 2012


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Hi Suzanne

First let me say how beautiful your home is and that I love your vintage style of decorating.

It's a shame that Pinterest is getting out of hand. I do follow Pink Roses and have for some time and I also follow you on pinterest.


LOL that is way strange and a bit funny whats up with people, looks like bottle brush to me. ~Diane

Ha ha, gave me a good chuckle today and I needed it!!

Luv it!!

You tell em!!


Hey Suzanne - I remember this posting - I have been a follower for a long time - I live in Northeast Ga and work in Athens. So funny what attracts people., but I clicked and saved those trees to my desktop when you posted them. Loved. And have not tried to make them.

Have a great afternoon

Those are adorable. Thanks for sharing the different aspects in photos. It doesn't look like it would be hard to make except for finding those cones.

How overwhelming this must be! You are doing a good thing posting this today.... Ya know...those don't look so much like pipe cleaners to me. They look like fake tree branches! I can just imagine how people probably demand to know how to make something they see in your house photo! Too funny. Stay strong, Suzanne!

Suzanne... Here is a link to a place the sells pipe cleaners up to 30mm.
The pipe cleaner trees are absolutely gorgeous and I think I'll try to recreate them.... They almost look flocked (??). And, indeed, bottle brush-esque. Your blog is one of my favorites and I always save your posts to read last as a reward for ... What?! Good behavior, maybe? Hahaha.

How nice of you to try to give directions for the trees you didn't even make! And how honest to not take credit for them.

I am reading this and chuckling at the same time. I remember you telling me about them when i came over. You are too kind to share more info on them to your readers. I think I may try making them this year too.

Dear Suzanne, don't worry about this small problem. There are a lot of good, nice and honest people, more than the bad ones :)
I always read your blog, it's very beautiful, nice and pretty. I wish you good luck & good news.
Julia Berg, the doll-maker from Russia.

People are......well I will keep it nice - rude sometimes. I think the pipe cleaners are actually bottle brush tree stems. They look just like the trees but instead are shaped like pipe cleaners. I have searched for stems like these for a different project I wanted to attempt and have not been able to find any.

You are so great for being so honest with us! I will be sure to edit my pin and still give you credit for your beautifully designed home.
PS-I am now one of your newest likes on FB!!

Suzanne - the pipe cleaners are definitely made of bottle brush. I think someone already posted that but I wanted to confirm. I have no idea where you can find them - maybe Department 56? Love love your blog.

Oh my, bless your heart. I have seen the odd link here and there thinking to myself, "I really don't think that's how you would make that," but never imagining how if might effect the person at the other end of the link. You have handled this post with such grace and beauty, bravo!

I just love love love your blog and always visit for inspiration and a smile. Thanks!

I just saw these on Pinterest with the instructions, I was thinking gluing them to styrofoam sounded pretty hinky! Your blog is lovely xoxo

I am glad that these were posted all over Pinterest because they led me to your beautiful blog.

Aren't you nice to explain all this! I saw the trees and came to your site to look at them more closely because the 'directions' did not seem they would work. I have never seen trees like them before which is partly why I like them so much. They are very pretty as is your home and all the lovely things you have gathered through time. Thank you so much for sharing!

You could make your own cone using a metal ring and some wire. I think they do sell thick pipe cleaners. Make the design and attach with fishing line. Maybe I'll give it a try. Wish me luck! Love your blog

Suzanne I just had an idea. The dollar tree sells small trees that maybe 8" tall that are wrapped with garland. You could take the garland off and use the frame as the base. Wrap pipe cleaners (even double them) into a design and attach to frame. I used these trees one on top of each other to make a tall tree. Left the garland on and wired each together. Beautiful!! Give it a try friends!!

Hi Suzanne, Just stopped by after many years, and recognized my mom's antique dresser in your photo above. It's nice to know you are enjoying it after four years.
Your daughter's one year anniversary photos are very pretty.
Hope you are enjoying a nice Thanksgiving.

I just found this image for the pipe cleaner trees. They are beautiful. I have a pipe cleaner angel and intend to try some of the same procedures to make one of these. It's a shame what people do.


I am SO glad you clarified this, as I too found it on Pinterest and was going to try to make these trees. I even bought the styrofoam forms and the pipe cleaners. After spending a few minutes trying to figure it out, I gave up! So I was so happy (and relieved!) to hear that this was not as the directions posted. Thank you, and Happy Holidays!

Just found your pin and the trees are lovely. I do quite a bit of crafting and to me it looks like the swirls are made out of tinsel garland roping. Most of the time it is about 1/2 wide and comes on large spools in various colors. Attaching the swirls - from one of your pictures it looks like there is a fine thread wrapped around the wire. That just leaves the metal cone I am guessing a person could replicate with coathanger wire and metal epoxy to glue rings securely. I am tempted to try one. It is never too early to start a Holiday project. Thanks for sharing

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