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August 03, 2012


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Sounds like an awesome day. Your bag is SO pretty. Love the barkcloth - perfect with the lace pieces.

You can NEVER go wrong with barkcloth! Your project turned out beautiful and it sounds like it was a delightful day.

What a pretty creation!

you are adorable,
and so is your


LOL! I love your description because its just what I DO NOT do either.. measure, clip, pin, etc. It often means making three different things to come up with what I want but that's the fun of it!
I have taken ONE quilting class.. for a WONKY log cabin quilt.. its right up my alley.. just sew, sew, sew and then chop it down to size.
Love your bag and hope you have fun with your new group :)

wow... what a gorgeous purse! Don't sell yourself short on skill- honestly, you are quite an artist and the result is something you should be proud to carry. I can only imagine the wonderful comments you are going to get- you'd best be prepared to blush, there will be lots!

Your purse turned out so pretty!!

I love you too!

It is nice to hear of other people who feel inadequate, but we still want to create so so bad and then after we make our treasure, we look at it and say "hmmmph, I guess I am not so so bad after all"!!! ANNDDDDD, I am quite sure the girls looked at your lovely creation and felt a bit inadequate themselves because you were so freely able to cut and use your bark cloth, which "I am scared to death to use for fear I will waste it on a piece of crap", and mix and match your laces, which I luv, luv, luv and just created until you feel done!! This is a fabulous piece. Well done!!!!!!

Beautiful!!!!! I hope you make more as I would love to purchase one!!!

this is absolutely fantastic Suzanne! xo

I love the bag. Sometimes I use a pattern, measure, iron and stitch but it is fun to just put something together, too.

Beautiful blog and beautiful beautiful bag!!!

WHAT FUN!!!!! And your bag turned out darling!

Oh... my... gosh!!!! I am soooo thrilled to have found your blog!! Holy cow!! Your home is fabulous!! Your bathroom in the previous posts is fabulous!! I can't wait to just lose myself in your older posts.... LOVE your style!!!!!

Love so much your bag ! so precious ! xoxo from PARIS

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