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August 02, 2012


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It's just lovely - the perfect place to soak away the cares of the day or start a new day in the best possible way. I love the stack of towels on the old chair and the vase of blossoms beside it. Sigh. Will you ever be able to leave that room?

Stunning! My husband already has a problem getting me out of the door. He's lucky I don't have a bathroom like that. We would never get anywhere.

Love it!!

It's gorgeous Suzanne!! Soaking in that tub must be heavenly!


I love what you did with it. Putting in the claw tub really opened up the space and adding the bookcase was brilliant. It's just beautiful!!

Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

gorgeous! it must be a pure delight taking a bath in there! xo

Your new bathroom is gorgeous. Love the tub and the shower. Very light and bright.

All I can say is ‘Wow’! From the shower glass up to the countertops, your bathroom looks even more dazzling than before! The vintage bathtub fits to the room perfectly. I imagine it feels great to take a relaxing bubble bath there, with the scents and the ambiance and all!

Oh I love how you new bathroom turned out. I am in the middle of a major bathroom redo also. WHAT A MESS!!! We even gutted the closet for new tile & paint job which means all the clothes, shoes, belts, purses, jewelry... EVERYTHING is EVERYWHERE! Clothes on guest bed, clothes on living room sofa & loveseat... The painters are putting on the glaze today so MAYBE this weekend I can put humpty dumpty together again. Still 5 more days for our glass to come in for the shower. I wish I had replaced the cabinets like you did but, I couldn't justify changing everything just to get rid of the empty space under the vanity. Your new built in is 2 die 4!!!! And I love the claw foot tub. That really gave the illusion of more space. Well... there is more floor space at least. LOVE IT!!!! Hope you'll visit me when I post about mine so you can see it. I wish I had done a before shot like you did. I thought about it after they gutted the shower...

Good idea placing that wedding photo; it adds a personal touch, doesn’t it? Anyway, I’m wondering how you managed to come up with such an impressive setup. Did you refer to the Net or did you get advice from a friend? This must be the most beautiful bathroom in your neighborhod! =)

talk about bathroom!

What a transformation!This is incredible!Everything does come to life with the changes that have been made.Everything is looking fantastic!Love the way it turned out!

Hi! What color did you use for the walls and trim. Love it!

What are the sources for the tile?

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