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February 22, 2012


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I do hate makeover messes, but I know that your bathroom will be gorgeous when you are done with it. A claw foot tub will be perfect in there!
I look forward to the follow up post.

Thanks for the link on pinterest. Hoping to redo our main floor bath this spring and always looking for inspiration. Good luck with your project!

Your old bath was gorgeous, but I can see how broken pipes and an impractical tub would get old quickly. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished results -- I'm sure that you will create a beautiful space.

Hang in there it will be gorgeous! Just keep looking at inspiration and shop for some vintage accents to keep you sane. lol Grace

one thing we had in our previous home's masterbath were heated floors. i miss them. very energy efficient and as i remember the price to install was quite reasonable. also, if you're ebay savvy, you can often find high end faucets/fixtures at way less than retail. take down a bunch of the manufacturer's numbers and model names on the ones you like and hit Ebay. i had to replace a part in our kitchen faucet and PDI's price was outrageous...I found it on Ebay for about 1/3 of the cost! also wondered if you go with the freestanding tub if you'd have enough room at the end of the tub on that one wall to have shelves built in...or a skinny french armoire w/glass doors. Fun place to fill the shelves w/rolled towels/glass perfumes/etc. can't wait to see where you go with it as i'm itching to do a remodel on our masterbath as well.

Wow, almost everything changed! The contractors should re-use those scrap tiles and wood in another house to save costs and materials, provided the homeowner is willing. Where do you plan to put the water heater, still by the former shower?

How exciting! Looked at your board, yes, I definitely recall some of those pictures from pinterest. I'm not a bath person, our master doesn't even have a tub, but your space will look so lovely with a free standing tub against those windows. And I hope you do some beautiful drapery there as well. Hope things go quickly if not quietly!

Hahaha, yeah, when there's a big bathroom renovation work going on... expect loudness. It's the sound of progress, you'll get used to it. And, soon enough, the bathroom is there, reborn, and ready to rock its bathroom duties.

One of the most beautiful remodels I've ever seen. Great job!! So chic, girly and elegant!! My dream bathroom!!!!

I feel sorry for what happened to you on Christmas Eve. That was really stressful! By the way, where did you find those plumbers? I admire them for being dedicated to their profession that even if it was Christmas Eve, still they came! I just hope that you hire expert plumbers to do the bathroom renovations for you or else you might experience it again.

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