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February 24, 2012


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So beautiful and inspiring! Love it! Christie

Love it is so beautiful and creative thank you for sharing.Still haven't made the little linzer cookies but I will

This is just BEAUTIFUL! Oh my gosh- the textures alone make me want to jump through the screen... it's just lovely. I'm sure whatever you end up using the journal for will be a lot of fun for you to continue to work in.
Thank you for sharing this- it's really inspiring!

Oh Suzanne! It's gorgeous!!!

You are brilliant. I love the pages and all the vintage goodness!!

I just found your lovely your work is..I will come back and see what craftiness you have been making..

The journal is very beautiful. I would love to make one myself, but I'm too scaredy-cat to try! I just love your style.

Your journal is beautiful Suzanne - love all the details. So very cute

Okay Suzanne... Let me first say that it's been a while since I've visited (post on your daughter's gorgeous wedding) and you look soooo fabulous! Great profile picture. You're looking sexier and prettier than ever.
I always love all your beautiful shots of fresh flowers. Usually pink flowers. Your journal is inspiring me to make something!

Your journal is amazing...thank you so much for sharing such beautiful photos with us. Love all the fabulous fabric choices and that green enamel pin is such fun. Thanks again for all the inspiration!

Absolutely incredible....breathtaking beauty! My daughter is newly engaged...I'm thinking she needs a book like this from me!

Your journal is beautiful and very inspiring ! Love it !

Beautiful book!

Love it's contents.

This is sooooo beautiful! I just want to pin every single photo!

I've wanted to make a journal for so long but one that was more my visual thoughts than one that required pen to paper. Yours is lovley. Thanks for the inspiration!

suzanne - each of these pages is a work of art!!! Love it

Looks really beautiful a great idea for a book for the wedding for your guests to leave their comments.

SO SO SO gorgeous! Every page and every bit of vintage sweetness! I want to make something like this for my daughter's wedding for her guest book! Thanks for the inspiration!

This is what I call "soul food". Just gorgeous and so gracefully presented. I love your blog.

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