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January 10, 2012


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Very pretty. Its funny I have been wanting to paint my bedroom, still primer for 17 years!! I just cant choose a color.

I love the story of the bead! This room is really pretty, but I especially had a question about the nightstand. Is that something you did or did you buy it that way? I have a plain wooden microwave cart that I want to put into my craft room, and I've been trying to decide whether to just paint it and keep it plain or whether to try to add some of that kind of detail. I've never done anything like that and would love to hear how you did, if you did.

I'm also trying not to covet that chair. :-) I've found it hard to find any furniture or fabric or anything with pink roses on it in the first place these days, and if I do, it often has a reddish or peachy cast to it, unlike the pinks I used to be able to find years ago.

A friend of mine who knew of my love for pink roses directed me to your blog. I've been enjoying it for a few months now.

Your bedroom is lovely. I painted my room too recently, Edwardian Linen, very close to your color. Still trying to put things back together, getting rid of some of the clutter. So hard to decide what stays and what goes. Anyway, so glad you are posting more now. I've missed your posts. Hope you're have a lovely week!

Your bedroom is beautiful. Linen White is such an elegant calm colour, I love it too. Such a sweet story about your daughter and the bead. I Have a 24 yr old daughter and truly love hearing your stories about your girl. Daughters are such a gift! (Sons are too)!

I like Linen white. I think it goes well with most pretty things. The bedroom looks great!

Hi Suzanne! I've lost touch with most of the blogging world in the past few months. Too many irons in the fire! I have used Linen White on all the trim work in my home. I love it! I am now putting the finishing touches on our bedroom makeover. It's been over a year (Andy's accident threw us for a loop!) but I'm finally getting it all back together. I'll try to keep in touch more often. Susan

This is so lovely. I am contemplating doing my bedroom in Linen White and putting in white wooden shutters for our windows too. So finding your post was great. May I ask what color white you use for trim and ceiling? It makes the Linen White pop a bit and look so nice.

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