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October 06, 2011


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oh, suzanne, it is all so elegant and beautiful! thank you for giving us a peek into this special event in your family's life.

everything looks amazing suzanne. definitely a personal touch for the wedding. i think that is very special.

Wow, Suzanne! Just beautiful!

lovely, lovely, lovely! I doubt I'll ever get invited to wedding such as this! truly wonderful handmade details! xo

Oh my. Oh my. Oh my. There are no words to say except "Oh My." Your daughter was the luckiest bride in the world. I am smitten.

Love you, momma! All of your hard work and personal touches made the whole thing very "E" and she's lucky to have such a good mommy!

Hi Suzanne - how special - let us know if you have more pictures to share - I would love to see more!

It's all so incredible Suzanne! What great pains for joy you have taken. It will not be forgotten! Beautiful

I stumbled upon your site today while pinning a photo of your flowers on a chair I found on Pinterest.

what a beautiful wedding, I have actually got tears in my eyes looking at all these photos that tell the story of your day. With all the special touches you put to your wedding your guests will have memories to keep forever.

When I married in the UK my mother and father never even met my husband until a week before the wedding as they lived in New Zealand. My mother felt she needed to do something for my wedding and when she turned up she had collected chicken wishbones for good luck which she had spray painted in silver and then tied on a bow and a little flower around the top of them and put them on all the ends of the pews in the church. I was a bit worried when I heard she was drying out chicken bones! But they looked really lovely and it was that special little touch she wanted to add.

Your wedding day looks beautiful, thank you for sharing it in such detail with the world. How you managed to achieve all this and still keep blogging I will never know! I think my New Years resolution will be to organise myself better.


Hi Suzanne! I LOVE looking at all the wonderful photos on your blog. What size cellophane bags and doilies did you use? I saw the photos of the pretzels on Pinterest and want to do something similary but with personalized M&Ms. Thanks for any info you can share!

I am the one who has pinned your programs on my pinterest sight. Could you help me out? I would like to do these for my daughters wedding. You said you used pearl finish.. all i can find at Michaels is a kind called STRING OF PEARLS.. was this the same thing, or was it simply Pearls? Did you have a plain white insert for the inside? Wear did you get the binding? Any help is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks again. Linda

Hi Suzanne,
Just wanted to say THANK You for letting me steal your idea.

I was going thru the same thing you did, altho we do not live in a big enough area to run to more than one I ended up getting pale pink, gray and string of pearls.

I wanted to thank you for sending me the link for the ribbons too.

The wedding is in 2 weeks.

It is funny we do not even know each other and I was thinking of you at while running around at Michaels.

Thanks again!

Hi Suzanne
What a beautiful and very special wedding. I love all the personal touches.
Would you share where you purchased the seam binding and the size of the pretzel bags?
Thank you

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