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March 24, 2011


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sounds busy but fun around your house. you are so lucky to have spring! here in northern california we have had almost 60 inches of rain this season and we are all desperate for sunshine!
love the postcards you made to send out. isn't it fun to have something to look forward to in the mail?!

I saw "Birdie" at her store last week. Her ring is beautiful.
And with the collection of Bride and Grooms that you have....I am not suprised at all with this "Save the Date" postcard. It's so both of you. Have fun planning. Be sure to have the Bride and Groom register at Williams-Sonoma. I'm still working there now and then. It's the most popular place in our area for Shower and Wedding Gifts. Have Fun with the planning!

Gorgeous!! I love those save the dates. Great Job. Are you designing the wedding invites also? Thanks so much for sharing. Weddings are beautiful beginings. Grace

Beautiful postcards! And you're not alone, I'm going on the 3rd refill of Easter candy in our jars :) Cadbury mini eggs seem to be the most popular here.

I love that postcard with the tatted lace on it. Just beautiful!
Apparently I had missed your post on designing the save the date cards. You could easily go into business! I'm sure you would make many brides very happy. :D

I can't do jars of candy, they aren't as pretty when they are just sitting empty, and that is how they end up, way too fast!

Sorry, you'll be missing that pretty spring when you get here. Its going to snow tomorrow. When you guys arrive, it will not be very flowery and colorful yet.

I LOVE the "Save the Date" cards and your postcards are just divine. What a fun swap!


The save the date cards are just perfect and it sounds like you are getting a lot accomplished! I try to stay away from those candy jars!!

The post cards look so chic with the lace, like from other time. Hope your dad is recovering quickly. I like that the postcards and the stamps match the theme, they go so well together.

Hi Suzanne,
I got my postcard and LOVE it! Love the quote too!
Thank you!

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